Alton and Virginia Cole opened Ramble House in 1956 on Creede’s Main Street. Mr. Cole liked to think he ran the fishing side of the store while Mrs. Cole ran the souvenir and gift side of Ramble House but we all know she knew as much about fishing as he did!

Shane started working at Ramble House in 1976 and never really left. He and his wife, Susan, took over ownership of Ramble House in 1994 and started Creede Guide & Outfitters in 1996. Their two children, Cole and Kaitlin, were raised working in Ramble House, carrying on the tradition.

Ramble House carries an enormous inventory of rods, reels, flies, lures, tackle, waders, outdoor clothing, camping gear, gifts and souvenirs.

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About Ramble House Outdoor Shop Located In Creede, Colorado

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